• Burns Energy

    Dogs love to sniff because smell is their primary sense. Give your dog a job doing what they love!

  • Improve Behavior

    Nosework has been shown to improve confidence, reduce stress and build obedience.

  • Any dog can try it!

    Our portable kit is great for families and all dog types. Play inside or outside. Nosework is a great option for dogs with anxiety or physical limitations.

Our Story

We adopted Roxy, an energetic puppy who quickly got bored with fetch. Searching for something fun, we discovered nosework.

We created The Nosey Nose for everyday families wanting to bond with their dogs at home. Do you come home tired, only to find your dog bored and restless?

Our nosework kit includes everything you need to get started, with easy instructions for fun games the whole family can enjoy, even on rainy days.

Through research and experimentation, we crafted efficient instructions and selected scents that dogs love.

We believe nosework should be as essential the daily walk for your dog.

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